100% CO2-free processing power

Even when choosing our hosting provider, we made sure that this gets its electricity from 100 % renewable energy sources. Our hosting partner provides its data centers mostly from scandinavian hydropower plants. This procedure is certified by energyvision e.V. and carries the green electricity label "ok-power". Data centers are characterized by resource-efficient constructions and specially developed racks and server housings, thus the need for air conditioning can be reduced accordingly. Our company itself is powered by 100 % Austrian hydropower provided by Verbund AG. Our supplier guarantees us no CO2 emissions, no radioactive waste and electricity from TÜV SÜD certified hydropower plants. We believe every company has to bear responsibility towards our environment. This is our active contribution to the energy revolution.

CO2-free shipping

Whenever is given a CO2-free shipping for the chance we get. When choosing a logistics company, we attach great importance to its environmental policy. Thus, we can identify 80% of our shipments neutral emissions today.

packing material

In cooperation with other companies, we employ already used packaging material. As our programs often have special needs, we can respond by using different packing materials specifically on the need to protect our goods. Each of our shippments include an "opening manual ", this manual can be our programs open hassle free. At the same time, our packages are designed so that they can be reused in case of a complaint/return. We are constantly striving to reduce the proportion of plastic packaging materials to our absolute minimum.