About us

The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art

by Johann Wolfang von Goethe

What is art?

One of the most generally asked questions at the beginning when it comes to art. The answer is often assumed as unsatisfactory, so we would like to explain you some aspects in more detail. It is no coincidence that paintings, sculptures or other forms of art expression are visually attractive to us. But why can art capture our attention? To keep it simple, because we feel something on an emotional base in consideration. Many relationships are not aware, because our subconscious mind takes a great influence in our perception. Hence art feels for each individual differently. There are a number of definitions, also, that there is no definition of art. The problem is these definitions, however show only a part of truth. So one could say that only beautiful handsome paintings, are art. That’s not an answer, because art can be anything, ugly, minimal, abstract. Even the ugliness can offer a beauty and a genius. Art is to break rules. Art is able to express conditions for us, where we don't have any attributes for it. Not because we are speechless, but because art is a higher form of communication and expression. Pictures, which reflect depressive atmospheres may show us that suffering is still a part of being human. Sculptures can reflect metaphorical states that give us the opportunity to take other perspectives. Art can also stand in contrast to our daily lives and demonstrate social patterns and commercialization.

Who are we?

Also in the art market consumer behavior has changed significantly over the past years. The e-commerce is becoming increasingly important. Even if business transactions online works best, building a customer relationsship is our top priority. We offer a competent consulting, the development of individual installation concepts and our efforts to establish a ecological closed corporate cycle. Our biggest motivation is: We want to make art for buyers easily accessible at any time and worldwide. This is our cultural contribution for artists and customers.

We offer complete solutions:

  • Admission & marketing of the artist
  • High quality presentation of distributed artworks
  • Warehousing & delivery of the works to customer
  • Assembly & repair service
  • Customer support pre and after purchase

Our place in the primary market

The art market itself is divided into the primary and secondary market. The primary market describes galleries, which establish the new, still partially unknown artists. The secondary market is served by major auction houses like Sotheby's, Christie's or Phillip's, while artworks are primordial traded from the primary market, but do have an appropriate provenance. For the secondary market rules are different especially with regard to pricing, since auctions provide a different price dynamics. Some large galleries operate in both, the primary and the secondary market.