Processing time

processing time

With the completion of your order, our processing time starts. We explain processing time as summary of logistical, technical and packing organizers processes. Some artworks may develop an above average of processing time, in that case we will mark any additional processing time and inform you in an appropriate way. Customer-specific requirements may also take longer to process, here we point out again, separately. Upon receipt of your payment to our account, we assure you to send the shippment as soon as possible, but usually on the same day or the next business day.

Opening manual

opening manual

We ship highly sensitive goods, therefore our packages are particularly secured against external influences like humidity, vibration or pressure. Since every artwork brings its own dimensions, fuses and insurance, it is not possible for us to put an order with multiple items in one package together, so any artwork gets its own packaging. Shipping costs are calculated individually, therefore for each package. Usually we ship on the exact value of goods insured, if this is not the case, you will be also informed by us.

On the outside of the shippment you will find a red marked envelope, which contains the delivery note, the invoice and the so-called "opening manual". The manual enables a step-by-step instruction, how to open the shippment stress-free. At the same time the parcel retains its function. In a complaint or a return of goods, the package can be used again. This idea is part of our ecology - program and is used to reduce and avoid waste.

Certificate of Authenticity

certificate of authenticity

We trade for the most part with unique artworks, for that reason we are estimated to gurantee you confidence in our gallery. Each artwork, offered for sale was extensively investigated with a background-check and is finally confirmed by a certificate of authenticity. To avoid any cases of imitations the certificate is printed with a check digit. The check digit is registered in our encrypted database. In addition, we provide in this database of every artwork three, only known by us, attributes. This process is intended to exclude an imitation of any artwork or certificate in present or future. In case of sale, you will receive all relevant certificates. If you have lost your certificate or it has been stolen, you can request a reprogramming of the certificate. After careful examination, we can, in a positive decision, issue a new certificate for free. For another approach, please contact us.

Complaint/return of goods


Please check already in the acquisition of your shipment the package for external damage. In case of a damage event, please share this directly with your deliverer. Also insist on a written confirmation of the damage. In the next step, please contact us immediately. Our shipments are insured according to their value of goods. If we are able to save your broken artwork, you can opt for two ways. You are able to rescind your order and obtain the total value of goods refunded (excluding shipping costs) or you can claim the repair service (in this case free of charge).

We regret that a complaint has happened. You are entitled to pursue a claim without giving any reason, we will still ask you to give us the chance of enhancement. So please share with us what was not to your satisfaction. In case of a complaint, please contact us first of all. You will receive an e-mail, it comprises your return ticket and further instructions. For legal reasons we would like to point out, that the return is at your cost and risk. It is up to you whether you insure the return accordingly. We recommend you to choose the packaging material with your shipment has already come.